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Etone Industry Co. Limited.

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About Us
      Etone intergrates organic researching, planting, processing and marketing. It has been producing quality super foods that reflect a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. 
              The commitment extends to the environment, social responsbility, and our community.

             The team originally commenced its operation in Shenzhen, a frontier coastal city in south China, close to Honkgong. The time it distributed biological items for domestic and abroad market. Working closely with the clients and partners, it get development  steadily.

              In 2006, we stepped into the field of goji berry, unique, super-food items origin north-west China. Its operation Etone Industry Xian was set up in 2012,  with goji planting and processing in Qinghai, Ningxia, away of chemical pollutions, and got organic certified by Ecocert S.A, 
              Since then, we focused more on demand of Europe and north America clients. We have been caring on specific requests  from our guest,  for different favorites,  with safe and good quality.

              '' Natural, and Organic '' is our core as always. We get our
products certified with ‘National Geo- Identity’, 'USDA’, 'EU’, 'Kosher'.
         Everyday, we are together with client and partner friendly, catering client & consumer favorites product, trying ultmost to deliver our heartful service. 
                We adhere to ''Dedication, Innovation and Happy-life ''.
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