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About us
About Us

The company

Etone intergrate organic researching, planting, processing and marketing. It has been producing quality super foods that reflect a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. 

The commitment extends to the environment, social responsbility, and our community.

With an increasing planting area and advanced facility, we boost a good production output for our esteemed clients. 
Our products can be found all over Europe, Latin America, south-east Asia, etc.

From our team to yours, thank you for your support.

Our Mission

Etone is committed to providing the healthiest products to our customers by producing foods without highly processed 
or refined ingredients. We are dedicated to Non-GMO (genetically modified) ingredients.

Etone is committed to the planet and supports organic farming and sustainable practices.

We sincerely believe that it is essential to aid in the conservation of ecological diversity, wildlife, and natural terrain in order to preserve our world.

Our Vision

Etone is committed to offering nutritious, ecologically respectful, and sustainable foods to our guests. Our complete line of certified organic and naturally grown dried fruits, seeds aids and supports an authentic lifestyle. Etone quality bulk and packaged products, and service presentations are committed to food safety, ecological integrity, and excellence.

We thank you for your support, without which none of our efforts and contributions would be possible.